1974 Shiseido Beauty Face Mask commercial

1939 newsreel featuring bowlers in San Francisco

Vivian Malone was one of the first two African American students to enroll at the University of Alabama. She became the university’s first African American graduate in 1963. Alabama Governor George Wallace attempted to block the students from enrolling at the all-white university. President John Kennedy interceded, allowing the students to enroll.(wikipedia

*moving images found in 1963 newsreel

1964 Japanese Coca Cola Ad

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Zindah Laash (aka The Living Corpse), 1967 Pakistani film

(from 1930s newsreel)

(from 1930s newsreel)

Department of Defenses film, Nurses in the Army (circa 1940s, 1950s)

Lucilla Yu Ming and Grace Chang in Hong Kong 1961 film, Sun, Moon and Star

Happy 4th of July!

(Cute lady and squirrel footage found in 1950s archival video)

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